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Baroque Style. Luxurious Mansions. Mansions, Villas and Palaces Projects

Video presentation of "Baroque Style" Architectural and Construction Company

Видеопрезентация компании Барокко Стиль

Do you want to build a luxurious mansion? Good idea! But, a mansion, a villa or a palace is not only the walls and the roof. Not every building is entitled to have this name. "Baroque Style" Architectural and Construction Company works for those, who used to be on top always and throughout, who aim to turn their dwellings into architectural masterpieces and who spare no efforts for this.

Дизайн интерьеров
Interiors of mansions
Архитектурное проектирование
Архитектурное проектирование
Художественная роспись
Art painting
Лепнина из гипса
Stucco and Plastering
Камины и порталы
Fireplaces and portals

"Baroque Style" returns the erection of status mansions – palaces, residences and villas to a private construction. We create unique projects of houses, which are designed to emphasize high social status and respectability of their owners. Elite houses are given preference by accomplished people and true connoisseurs of beautiful life, who have lived and will live in all times. That is why so called Palace style will never go out of fashion.

"Baroque Style" Company’s experts combine the most challenging ideas with high level of comfort and quality of implementation. The company is in charge of the whole process from designing to construction, including supervision of all aspects of design and costs management.

We practice wide involvement of the clients to work on their family estates’ creation. As "Baroque Style" Company not only builds the houses, but also creates favorable environment for self-improvement and parenting. The philosophy of our Company is for a mansion, a palace, a residence or a villa constructed by us, to exist for hundreds of years.

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