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Manufacturing of gypsum stucco, decorative plaster is the most favorite element of the landscape designer, artist or architect. This is not surprising, because it allows you to hide the various irregularities, seams, joints, utilities, and betrays premises effect to dearness and presentable. Making gypsum fretwork - difficult process, it includes some time-consuming process steps, fabrication and installation of fretwork stands entrust to professionals.

Изготовление гипсовой лепнины гипсовая лепнина лепнина на потолке Красивый узор из лепнины
Гипсовая лепнина на коленне Необычайно красивая лепнина на потолке
Декоративная лепнина на стенах
Применение лепнины в храме

Ordering a professional Manufacturing of gypsum stucco in the company Baroque style, you will get not only possible to make your home or apartment is unique, but also be able to impress your family exclusive interior .
Manufacturing of gypsum stucco - across space and time!
Decor from fretwork was in demand even 5000 years BC.

In the days of ancient Greece and ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire - a fretwork occupied the main position on the decoration of the temple and other premises.

In addition, many sculptors of the time a used gypsum for the create busts and monuments . During the Renaissance, manufacturing of gypsum fretwork became particularly popular and in demand.

This decor has not lost its relevance to this day. Moreover, thanks to the use of modern technology, the process of manufacturing of gypsum fretwork is improved, became more qualitative, and design more complex.

Today, gypsum is often used in modern interiors, not only in the classical style but in modern style too. For example, to create 3D walls or original decorative elements.

Advantages of plaster moldings

Firstly, it is worth noting that the gypsum is a natural organic material from the class of sulfates .

Therefore, its use for the manufacture of decoration of gypsum has several advantages:

1. absolute fire safety
2. absence shrinkage;
3. durability;
4. Ability to carry out installation on any construction.
5. does not emit harmful substances.
6. always fashionable and topical decor

Stages manufacturing of gypsum fretwork, and what determines the price?

The process of manufacturing of gypsum fretwork are usually divided into several stages:

1. departure the architect on the object and measurement premise;
2. creation of original sketches and design future of fretwork;
3. Creating an exclusive model or prototype wares;
4. Create a unique form for the manufacturing of gypsum fretwork.
5. pouring form the special mixture of gypsum-based.
6. Thorough removal of air bubbles from the wares;
7. Grinding and adjustment of the finished wares;
8. transportation and installation;
9. Conduct restoration and decoration works .

All this with great success, our company carries out "turnkey" . We advocate only for the individual approach to each client . The price manufacturing of gypsum fretwork and various subtleties and nuances are negotiated in advance.
Our designers will be able to impress you.

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