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Our company "Baroque style" specializes in the design and construction of country houses, villas, mansions and palaces.

We only work with projects in the Baroque style, we are confident that such structure is required to be shared with future generations. This confidence has inspired us to create and implement an ambitious and courageous project "Golden Heritage", in which we create and restore the old villas, mansions and palaces.

If you are a fan of ancient architecture, you do not have to buy a villa or palace of the last century - it is possible to create it today, we can help you with that.

Villa project - how to order?

The main factors in the design of the villas are: location, area, and of course your request. We in return are committed not only to create a custom design , but also to find a team of professionals who will work on your site.

You can personally monitor the progress of the work or to entrust it to our architect who will regularly send you the report.

The design process of the villa includes:

1. Collection of preliminary information: organization design and definition of the budget.
2. Organization of the subcontractors and workers. For this, we conduct a tender of selecting companies with whom we are cooperate.
3. Negotiations. We not only approving projects design with the client, but also obtain a building permit from the state of all systems.
4. Copyright . Responsible for the work will strictly adherence to deadlines, and will make all the data in a report on the costs of building materials.

All technological changes are recorded and communicated to the client, so follow the progress of the work is possible even while abroad.

We are so confident in our builders and specialists, as well as materials that are willing to offer a guarantee on the safety of buildings up to 300 years!

Just imagine that in the house that you build, will live for at least six generations of your descendants. This is a great purpose in life, is not it?

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