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Suburban Residence. Golden Heritage - Family Estate. Baroque Style.

The Lion's Heart Palace

Golden Heritage Family Estate

Royal Country Residences in Baroque Style.

Our "Baroque Style" Company not only makes projects but also builds countryside residences. We create architectural masterpieces, which will be admired by further generations.

The aim of our company is to create elite and sumptuous country residences, which could become “family nest”. Moreover, our team is implementing “Golden Heritage” venturous project. Within the project we create residences that will become a real heritage for further generations.

"Golden Heritage" Family estate

Country residence is a place where a man has taken roots and trough them he is connected to all living.

It is a place, where he was conceived in love, where he was born and raised. It is a place, where everything will be planted out and equipped by his ancestries, where his children will be born and will remember him as they will see indelible good memory in everything because a lot of trees live for hundreds of years.

We want to revive the lost consciousness that a person who has linked his destiny with a certain plot of land – a permanent, proper family living place, who exists in harmony with nature, is able to provide himself and his family with sterling happy life.

загородная резиденция родовое поместье резиденция за городом Ландшафт

Total area of the house – 1482,00 sq.m.
Total area of basement – 387,00 sq.m.
Total area of the 1st floor – 800,00 sq.m.
Total area of the 2nd floor – 295,00 sq.m.

Area of the 1st floor terrace with lake view – 113,00 sq.m.
Area of the 1st floor terrace in front of the main entrance – 44,00 sq.m.
The height of the 1st floor – 5,000m.
The height of the 2nd floor – 7,500 m.
The size of the house – 60,780 x 23,200m.

On the basement floor there are:
- Fitness room with playroom;
- Wine cellar;
- Rooms for nanny, butler and housekeeper with dressing rooms and bathrooms;
- Stockrooms;
- Laundry room and heating room;
- Products storage and refrigerating chamber.

On the first floor there are:
- A huge oval hall with daylight;
- Fireplace and portrait hall with exit to the backyard terrace;
- The masters bedroom with a dressing room and a bathroom;
- 3 children’s bedrooms (nurseries) are also with dressing rooms and bathrooms;
- Guest room with a dressing room and a bathroom;
- Parents’ room with a dressing room and a bathroom;
- Kitchen;
- Dining room with Winter Garden and exit to the backyard terrace;
- Swimming pool with a rest room, showers and sauna.

On the 2nd floor there are:
- Library with a big balcony and a backyard and terrace view;
- Study and library;
- Game room;
- Living room with a fireplace;
- Billiard room;
- Bathroom.

Façade finishing:
1. Roof – slate;
2. Façade – Limestone;
3. Socle – Limestone;
4. Entrance stairs – marble;
5. White elements on the façade – marble;
6. All small arch. forms (sculptures, fountains, arbors) – marble with elements of foundry.

At the entrance to the territory there are:
Guarding towers on the both sides of the gates;
Four- car garage;
Covered five-car parking;
Car wash;
Horse stable with a paddock and a place for a shepherd;
Dwellings for housekeeping staff – 300sq.m.

Country Residence Project's Models

Фото макета резиденции Макет загородной резиденкции Загородная резиденция Резиденция на макете

On the territory of the mansion there is a ringway via which you can drive up to the parade entrance and backward. There is also an entry from the other side of the site, where there is a security guard too.

Along the entry gates symmetrical buildings line up – the covered and open garages, a car wash for the hosts and the guests of the house on the right. Dwellings for housekeeping staff and adjacent territory are on the left. A stable for 4 horses with an outdoor paddock adjoins to the staff dwellings.

In front of the main facade French regular park was created: a lawn, trimmed shrubs that have geometrically regular shape, flower beds in the shape of classical ornaments, a sculpture and a fountain in the centre as the main element of the composition of the park.
On the both sides of the park there are also symmetrically located arbors with marble columns and openwork foundry-cast domes. Somewhat closer to the mansion there are also cascades of fountains in the form of shells of different shapes.

From the side of the back facade you can view an artificial pond with a bridge in the middle. When you cross the bridge you get to a ground with marble columns in the form of semicircle. The upper part of the colonnade also unites with openwork foundry and twined around plants. On this ground you can celebrate great family holidays, weddings or just have parties with friends outdoors near the pond with illumination. All the territory is illuminated with lanterns, the façade of the mansion also has night illumination.

There are also two arbors near the pond, in which you can divide, for example, into two companies – men’s and women’s.
The special element of landscape design of the mansion is a labyrinth of trimmed down shrubs. The height of the labyrinth is 2 m., in the middle there is a small site with fountain and benches where you can seclude to read a favorite book.
The other part of the territory of the site swims in green of fruit garden, where you can grow your favorite fruit tree, enjoy birds singing or just have a family picnic.

Why should you order a project of a country residence at our company?

"Baroque Style" Company has been working effectively for more than five years. During this period of time we have created and built tens/hundreds/thousands (on the editor’s choice) country residences, villas and palaces. In our work we use only modern technologies and building materials, which help us providing perfect microclimate, absolute ecological compatibility and durability of construction. The human factor is not less important in our work, that is why we work with professionals only. All our employees are highly skilled specialists with long-term work experience.

We are so sure in quality and durability of our objects that give warranty period of operation of the house – to 300 years! Which company can provide you with the same warranty?

Country Residences "turn-key" construction

We offer our clients not only the project of country residence construction but also full support of building as well as help in registration of necessary papers. Whole process of construction can be conditionally divided into three stages:
- Concept
- Authorial supervision
- Complete set

Let's examine each stage in details.

Concept include following list of services:
- Creation of design project
- Creation of draft project

Registration of all necessary documents: plans of measurement, walls installation, placement of light equipment, electricity etc.
- Design and registration of electrical project.

Our architects will help you to implement you dream of country house, will give you detailed design projects and elaborate all necessary documents.

Authorial Supervision and Complete Set

During this stage our architects will trace the availability and purchase of building materials, the construction works and also the compliance of approved plan. Besides, we will design interior and select everything: from furniture to built-in appliances.

Under our control the object will be put into operation in time!

You can order the project or put a question to our expert through contact form or by phone in Kiev 253-11-74

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