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    Catalogue of Stucco Work Products and sketches of Gypsum Articles. Baroque Style company

    кв.м. выполненных объектов
    м.кв. общая площадь наших дизайн-проектов
    создаем качественный индивидуальный проект с последующей реализацией в точности по проекту. заказчик экономит время и финансы на поиск качественного рабочего персонала и материалов. несем ответственность на всех этапах работы
    м.кв. общая площадь наших дизайн-проектов
    м.кв. общая площадь наших дизайн-проектов
  • Sketches of Gypsum Articles

    Column Brackets, cartouches Sculpture Ceiling and Platforms Outlet Interiors in the modeling Door Portals

    Catalogue of Stucco Work Products

    Capital Cornice Columns Brackets Rosette

    Ornamental plasterwork will help you to create individual image of future house or flat. There are legends of plasterworks from ancient times, but even in the 21st century it draws the eye of true beauty connoisseurs. Thanks to wide variety of stucco patterns and elements you can create unique and sumptuous interior, in the spirit of past epochs, however, topical nowadays.

    Ornamental plasterwork is one of the means of finishing decoration, which is used in all historical styles. In baroque designer realizes his most daring ideas and fantasies through ornamental plasterwork, in classicism plasterwork serves as mean for creation of "interiors with a story", and in modern it emphasizes correctness and naturalness of lines. Ornamental plasterwork won’t be superfluous even in high-tech style, where it can be used as strict and smooth moldings.

    Columns, friezes, pilasters, rosaces, moldings and other elements of ornamental plasterwork appeared in ancient times. Thenceforth they were enriched with additional decorative features, in keeping with dominant at that time architectural style. Let’s examine a column for example. How only it has not looked like: wreathed, carved, straight, with cannelures and plaits, entasis classical and in a shape of barrel. And even these are not all examples, as though columns are still being improved and decorated.

    "Baroque Style" Company offers individual approach to its clients who have decided to order plasterwork. Our architects and designers will select individual design for every certain object. After the client has approved the sketch, we start its implementation in our own workshop. The figure of the future decorative element is put into plastic, and then into clay, and into gypsum and only at the end into rubber form. It can take about three months to work-out one model, but you can be sure at 100% that such stucco pattern will exist as single exemplar. For the complete guarantee all the forms and models are annihilated after the order’s execution!

    Ornamental plasterwork attracts attention and causes admiration. It’s amazing that since the moment of its appearance, the technology of stucco production has not almost changed. As it was before, decorative elements are made manually. Because of it stucco is of high quality. But, as any other “hand made” products stucco works are much more expensive than their analogues.

    The experience of many generations has proved many times that gypsum is the best material to realize stucco and ornamental ideas. With a help of gypsum only, you can work out everything, even the smallest details neatly. It is possible because of gypsum features: it expands and penetrates into the smallest dimples of the form’s reliefs.

    Today, natural durability of gypsum is heightened by means of clay and fiberglass adding. Such material can also be used for facade stucco work. Special primers covering provide it with moisture and frost resistance and resistance to adverse weather conditions. Frequent humidity drops are the only thing that stucco work is afraid of, but they hardly threaten it in our climate, thus it can serve for decades without loss of its original beauty. If stucco work is installed properly it looks like as one piece décor, without joints. Stucco work as though grows inward the ceiling and walls. In this case it is not a hard work to take care of it: it is enough to dust it off with a damp cloth from time to time like from a TV or a table. If it is necessary gypsum is easily renewed with a help of ordinary construction plaster. In a modern house interior stucco work can perform different tasks. First of all it helps to structure large flats of walls and ceilings, saturating them ornamentally. White matted surface of decorative elements creates special affect of light and shade, which emphasizes the character of architecture and increases expressiveness of interior. Stucco work is also used for achievement of stylistic unity of one or several interiors – with a help of ornaments that are repeated on the walls, ceiling, furniture and mirror frames. Columns and pilasters help to zone large room and cornice to arrange roof lighting. One more popular element of modern stucco work décor is so called cards that remind frames for paintings. Today it has become popular to place LCD TVs into them.

    лепнина из гипсаКупить лепнинулепнина из гипса, купить в Киеве

    Designers actively experiment with color spectrum by painting gypsum in most different tinges. Thanks to Venetian plaster ability to imitate any decorations and finishes has become possible. Thus, gypsum column can be easily turned into “marble”, having colorized it from white to black with streaks of gold and impregnation of emeralds. Bottled paints allow making gypsum bronze, silver or gold. But for those who don’t accept ersatzes, "Baroque Style" Company offers real exclusive – gilt stucco works. Expert covers every detail, every centimeter of future ornament with lacquer to finish them with gold leaf. All its excesses are carefully shaken off with a brush. This process is very laborious and expensive. But doesn’t your house worth it?

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