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    Baroque Style Company offers all beauty experts to make use of Art painting of walls Service

    кв.м. выполненных объектов
    м.кв. общая площадь наших дизайн-проектов
    создаем качественный индивидуальный проект с последующей реализацией в точности по проекту. заказчик экономит время и финансы на поиск качественного рабочего персонала и материалов. несем ответственность на всех этапах работы
    м.кв. общая площадь наших дизайн-проектов
    м.кв. общая площадь наших дизайн-проектов
  • Our "Baroque Style" Company offers all beauty experts to make use of "Art painting of walls" Service. Our designers will not only help you to select perfect images but will also create genuine masterpieces in your house.

    Art Painting Origin

    It is not a secret that art painting on walls appeared in cave men times which decorated cave walls with rock engravings. Later, painting appeared on the walls of houses of ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, and then Europeans. Our ancestors depicted animals, nature or important and historical events on the walls.

    Types of Paintings

    Our designers will create interesting stories of the following types on the walls:

    • Religious paintings and sainthood images;
    • Classical paintings with nature or moments of life images that have not only decorative but also symbolic sense;
    • Paintings- Blendes more frequent create visual illusion and even help to broaden space.
    Художественная роспись стен Художественная роспись Роспись стен Художественная роспись стен
    Пример росписи стены Необычная роспись стен Потрясающая роспись стен Великолепная роспись стен
    Лучшая художественная роспись Пример 2 Роспись потолка Художественная роспись комнаты - пейзаж
    Роспись в виде ангелов Иконы Роспись стен в конференц зале
    Роспись стен в бассейне Художественная роспись потолка Роспись потолка в ресторане

    Mistakes that you mustn't make when ordering art painting of walls

    1. Don't choose the executor or designer by price. If an artist offers you services on very low price – think if he is a true professional or just truly estimates his abilities? Even if the designer is a beginner you don’t need to risk your walls and money- search for another more experienced executor.
    2. Don't choose an artist without emotional aspect. Remember, that all designers have their tastes and styles, thus before choosing an executor, talk to him and make sure that a person is “on the same wavelength” with you.
    3. Not leveled wall or ceiling for painting. An artist paints right on the wall, thus it must be perfectly leveled. It is not a designer’s fancy – it is necessity for a perfect work completion and creation.
    4. To begin renovation of the premise with art painting. It’s a gross blunder which is made by a lot of people. Art painting on the wall is made at the end of renovation, when a client determines the color spectrum. If begin with painting you won’t be able to judge it sufficiently.
    5. Sockets location on the wall with painting. There is another one gross blunder, which is considered to be one of the most serious. Make room for painting without sockets and switches that would appear to be inappropriate on a cloud or a green field of the painting.

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