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Searching for an architect-designer? Baroque Style - Company Services

"Baroque Style" Company realizes engineering and management by all executors of the project, from the chief architect-designer to a worker on a building site. We combine the most advanced technologies with centuries-old experience of the building solutions. “Baroque Style” architectural bureau means absolute ecological compatibility, full soundproofing and perfect micro-climate that ensure home owners health and durability of materials. The period of operation of the house is from 300 years and more! We will equip all the utility systems of the house on the highest level and will take their service maintenance.

"Baroque Style" Company is liable to the customer for its obligations to the extent of all its property when receiving significant funds for the construction project of the house and it also acts as a guarantor of the absence of risks throughout cooperation with the customer. “Baroque Style” Company is liable for quality of partners’ works and takes custody of its creations for many years.

Among our services we offer to learn interior designing and designing of construction object.

Interior Designing

Interior Design Project Package

Our cooperation with the Client is usually built as follows:

  • First visit to our office (you need to agree the time of arrival) to see the samples of the house projects. We analyze your object’s planning, answer your questions, agree terms, and final cost of the project. Further, on the basis of agreed information, we determine an architect-designer.
  • Second visit to the office – you arrive to sign a contract, preparation of requirement specifications (technical task) with a designer (who will implement you project). In requirement specifications the number of rooms and number of living people, are pointed, the style of interior and general concept are defined, the materials are discussed, etc.
  • During 2 or 3 days we go to client’s site and measure site and then general work on project begins. Work on project is, mainly, implemented by telephone or e-mail, i.e. number of you visits is minimized.
  • Pre-project part is executed. Actually, this stage is the most important and significant part of the project. The groundwork of the further works is laying here: approval planning is finalized, perspectives are drawn, computer model of future interior is made, furniture, finishing materials and equipment are discussed. Completion Certificate is signed after execution. Since the moment of Client’s approval of accommodation planning, it is possible to begin agreement of re-planning.
  • Working draft project is made with regard to the size of chosen furniture and equipment, selected finishing materials, the calculations and constructional elements development. During this period of time the trips on the selection of materials and equipment are implemented. The signing of final Completion Certificate and all mutual payments are accomplished.
  • Then documentation, on the Client’s agreement, comes to production department to calculate the estimate and implement repair and finishing works.

Design-Project Package

1. Pre-project Part

  • Measurement plan with utility system location
  • The plan of premises before the reconstruction
  • The definition of style, concept, zoning. The discussion of flooring, wall covering, ceiling floor, plumbing equipment and furniture.
  • Planning solution options with furniture placement and sanitary ware
  • Agreement and rework of chosen re-planning option with furniture placement (scale, cell-based design, without drawing) and sanitary ware (without waste pipe location)
  • Sketches of premises interiors with the use of 3D-modeling or "by hand"
  • Legend
  • Plan of dividing walls dismantling
  • Installation plan (of erected partitions)

2. Working Project

  • Premises plan after re-planning with measurements
  • Scheme of plumbing equipment outlet location
  • Floor plan, constructional units, sections
  • Scheme of heated floor with controller location
  • Scheme of ceilings with benchmarks, type of used material
  • Plan of ceilings with locations and constructive sections
  • Scheme of cornice placement
  • Plan of doors, scheme of opening, specification of door blocks
  • Plan of lighting devices with their type and power indication placement
  • Plan of switches and socket groups placement
  • Plan with recommended overall dimension of furniture
  • Scheme of kitchen equipment location
  • Elevation of internal wall’s surface in premises where tile is used
  • Lay of tile with size, code and area of selected material indication
  • Wall elevation and sectional with the use of decorative elements (the number of drafts is specified on actual basis)
  • Detached pieces of decoration
  • Drafts and profile of nonstandard parts
  • Scheme of heater placement
  • Selection of flooring, wall covering, ceiling floor, plumbing equipment and kitchen furniture. Possible visits to company-seller shops. Information on catalogues and on e-mail.
  • Visualization (three-dimensional image) on the basis of ready surface textures, furniture models and accessories. 3D Studio Max Program. Visualization is reworked on the basis of sketches and selected finishing materials.
  • Finishing materials and equipment list.
  • Room Area Book.
  • List of plumbing equipment.

Construction Project Designing

Designing can be implemented in several stages:

  • Sketch Plan (SP);
  • Project (P);
  • Specification Documents (SD) or Working Plan (WP);

Herewith, elaboration of documents of SP stage is not obligatory and is developed for architectural and technically complicated objects only. Basically, designing is implemented in two stages: P+P, but in some cases documents development is allowed at one stage – WP


On this stage concept of building object, main enlarged technical and economic indicators, on whose basis the client can analyze and plan investments in capital construction or reconstruction are developed.

Documentation Development

Documents development on the stage of sketch plan includes the following positions:

  • Master Plan sketch (main decisions on object’s or object’s complexes location on land site with regard to existing norms and rules of construction);
  • Main architectural and construction solutions (line plan, master plan, floor plan, facades, etc.);
  • Structural schemes of engineering systems (optionally);
  • Visualization of object, its three-dimensional image on basis of preliminary photo-fixation;
  • Explanatory note;
  • Sketch plan’s approval by the client;

Coordination of documents on SP stage.

On SP stage all necessary documents are coordinated in all appropriate instances of the city or region by the client’s request.


On Project (P) stage planning permission is made in the structure and amount necessary for its coordination in “Ukrinvestekspertiza”, organizations that issue initial data for designing in architectural control authorities.

Documentation Development

Documents on stage (P) include principal solutions and technical and economical indices including architectural, functional, engineering, technological, fire prevention, sanitary, ecological, architectural and regulatory requirements in construction. Set of documentation consists of explanatory note and graphic part.

Explanatory note

Explanatory note is made for each section of designing and includes description of selected project’s solutions, as well as grounding of their selection and application.

Graphic part

Graphic part consists of following sections:

  • Master Plan (MP);
  • Architectural Solutions (AS);
  • Structural Schemes of engineering systems;
  • Construction Management Project;
  • Other sections depending on features of objects of construction;

Specification Documents

Documentation of SD stage is elaborated on basis of coordinated P stage.

Documentation Development

Documents on SD stage contain graphic images of decisions that were made and coordinated on SD stage, in the form and amount necessary for production of construction and installation works (CIW).

Project documents on this stage contain working drawings of the following sections:

  • Master Plan (MP);
  • Architectural solutions (AS);
  • Reinforced concrete construction (RCC) and/or Metal construction (MC);
  • All engineering systems;
  • Low power networks;
  • Other sections depending on features of the objects of construction;

In specification documents we guarantee clear description of all work processes that allows starting implementation of faultless construction.


WP stage is elaborated for definition of certain urban planning, architectural, ecological and technical solutions. Such stage of designing is elaborated by us for technically uncomplicated objects on the basis of design assignment.

Documentation Development

Documentation on WP stage contains explanatory note and graphic images of made decisions and is agreed in order similar to P stage upon its completion.

On this stage engineering design documentation contains materials in the structure and amount similar to those which are presented in P and SD stages (v.s.).

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