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Villa Virginia Project from Baroque Style company

House with Winter Garden

The house is located on the land area of 170 sq.m., 7 kilometers away from Belogorodka village, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky region. The site has all necessary services: gas, water supply and electricity. This is an investment project and it is on the stage of foundation laying. The cost of the project is 2000 Euros per sq.m on a present stage. Since the 1st of June 2014 the house will be put into operation.

Villa Virginia

The description of the Project

Introduced house was designed in a classical architectural style of Europe’s mansions of the second half of the 19th century and it has a name of "Villa Virginia". It is a middle sized mansion with total area of about six hundred and seventy sq.m., four hundred and seventy of which are the living floors, and two hundred are the basement floors. Small built-up area and compact space-planning solution allow setting this house even on a small site with gross area of 700 sq.m. and more.

Color solution of the facade and properly selected materials make the house more elegant and harmonious compositionally, and decor elements – fretwork, pilasters and balustrades – give lightness and refinement of the style to the total size of the house.

Planning solutions of this project have made it possible to locate necessary set of premises to accommodate a family of four to five people (two adults and two or three children of different ages).

Thus, when entering the house there is a big hall with area of about thirty sq.m., where you can see a central staircase, that is an integral part of the interior, which emphasizes the classical architectural style, in which the whole house was planned.

On the first floor on the left from the entrance, a spacious living room is situated which may be used not only for pastime in front of the fireplace in the bosom of your family, but also as a good place for business intercourse during large negotiations or banquets on the occasion of different holidays.

A kitchen and dining room, which is located on the right side of the hall of the first floor, has area of about fifty sq.m., that allows you to place a big dining table, at which a big family can gather. In this room you can also place a wide variety of comfortable and functional kitchen furniture, whose convenience will be appreciated by every housewife.

The kitchen has its own entrance to the basement where food and wine are kept. The entrance is situated deep in the pantry, where you can keep dry goods, tableware and other kitchen utensils.

As it was mentioned before, big hall staircase, which is situated in front of the main entrance of the house, leads to three spacious bedrooms, one of which has area of forty-five sq.m., and two others of thirty sq.m. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and dressing room.
Big bedrooms’ windows and high ceilings give the sense of large space and the absence of tightness.
Except for the bedrooms there is a big spacious study with area of thirty sq.m. on the second floor. The study has its own balcony.

You can get to the basement from the hall which is on the first floor as well as from the outside, through the door which is on the right side of the facade of the building. Here you can place utility room, so called laundry room, a cellar for goods keeping, a sauna, billiards or even a mini-gym or a swimming pool.

On the client’s request the functional purpose of the premises may be changed within the limits of the volumetric and constructive solutions.

You can order the project or put a question to our expert through contact form or by phone in Kiev 253-11-74

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